Wine is only the thread that leads the company, friendship, landscape, land and experiences

Bodegas Félix Sanz was founded in 1934 at the heart of Rueda
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Dedicating its efforts to create a range of unique and different wines

Our winery continues its activity in the original facilities, following the philosophy of the founder Felix Sanz, creating wines with care, respectful with the environment and focusing production on quality wines that express the characteristics of the terroir.

We carry out different types of elaborations, always incorporating the latest trends in production in order to seek excellence in our wines and improve vintage after vintage. Taking care means doing it from its roots: the vineyard. From pruning and care of the vine, through the use of native yeasts and the incorporation of the latest trends such as the elaboration in concrete egg tanks in order to achieve the greatest expressiveness of the wine.

The subterranean cellar dated from the fifteenth century is witness of the tradition producing wines in the area. A network of galleries with arches made of clay brick more than 15 meters deep, home of wood barrels built in its interior in other times. The zarceras that allow the circulation of air maintain a constant temperature between 12-14c and guarantee the survival of this historical place

The fruit of some strains that mark its landscape

White wines variety Verdejo

Land of wines

Land of wines

Cimbrón Single Vineyard

Castilian plateau, with more than 30 hectares of own vineyards, where we grow some of the varieties of the area

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