Philosophy of a wine

Our vineyards are located in the heart of Rueda.

Here is soul and good work …

Pago Cimbrón,
Single Vineyard

The wines of Bodegas Félix Sanz have their origin at Pago Cimbrón, 30 hectares concentrated in a unique vineyard in a privileged area of ​​Rueda, located more than 750 meters above sea level and with a terroir formed by pebbles, clay soil and limestone base originating in the Tertiary period more than 40 million years ago. These soils poor in organic substance under the protection of the Duero river and the influence of the Continental climate (long cold winters, short hot summers and great diurnal-night temperature difference) confer to the wines a unique personality, expressing all the particularities of the region

R & D:

Being aware of the responsibility that we all must have about being concerned of the environment, at Bodegas Félix Sanz we practice a non-aggressive and respectful way of understanding viticulture, we have moved to an ecological production and we are part of the pollinator project in the hands of Syngenta.A production and care in the vineyard in favor of biodiversity and thinking about next generations

It is better to feel it …